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We have earned a reputation as the UAE’s preferred Holiday Packages and Destination Management Company. As you read the testimonials in this brochure, you will see why thousands of travellers choose Signature Classic again and again.

As a Professional business, we are constantly improving, evolving and refining our services to meet our members’ specific needs. We are proud to offer new vacations to worldwide destinations as well as introducing many enhancements to our existing Holiday(s) and services.

We at Signature Classic pride ourselves in providing first class services, professional Holiday itineraries that appeal to every Member. We offer Holiday (s) that is comprehensive in coverage at a price to suit all members without compromising on quality and services. Our hospitable approach to families, groups and communities has helped us to maintain our position as the first choice for thousands of people across the UAE.

We believe that Holidays should be fun and that our members should be well-versed in the history and aspects of culture, whilst they explore the world. Our Holidays are designed for Members who travels’ to enjoy a diverse array of fascinating countries. With our guidance, you will visit iconic locations made famous on screen and in literature with the assurance that you are traveling with the experts.

Contact us and allow us to help you find, that perfect dream holiday for you and your loved ones.

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We always strive in offering a fusion of most satisfied Holiday services, as per our member(s) desire and wish, and the best in tailoring the toxic holidays to our members, up to their satisfaction level.

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OUR MOTTO & SUCCESS – CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, we are here to serve you better.

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To serve our Members with enhanced Destination Management experience, by providing quality Services that address their holiday needs, through the most efficient arrangements. so that Member loyalty, superior financial results and excellent Member satisfaction can be achieved”

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[/zozo_vc_list_item][zozo_vc_list_item type=”icomoonpack1″ icon_icomoonpack1=”icomoon1 icomoon-checkmark2″ icon_size=”20px”]We are an agile, innovative and quality conscious team of resourceful people with a dedication to be the best while never losing the key that our members have valued us for – our attention to detail

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Company Profile

We have been serving our valued members, to enjoy unforgettable Holidays all over the world, and we do it all with expertise and passion.

Because we’re so keen on serving our valued members, to see the real world and benefit from all of our professional and personal experience. Thanks to feedback from our most valued members, we are trading as Signature Classic Loyalty Card Services LLC!  We take our members on a journey of discovering the quality holiday(s), and the beauty embedded in the world.

We do more than just arranging Hotel accommodation for our member’s holidays in tours, and bespoke trips to any part of the world; we serve our members to experience the true beauty of the world which is steeped in history and culture and one which thrives on a more simple way of life. We want each and every member to be having experience, a truly unforgettable journey and we do that every single time. Thanks to our focus on quality and service.

From our base in UAE, our experienced team of Holiday specialists knows exactly, what works when it comes to the perfect world travel experience and we expect nothing but the very best from the travel partner(s) we choose to work with.

From hotels and restaurants to tourist camps, we carefully select and monitor third party providers who share our passion and who, like us, strive for the very best standards, because that’s the only way we can guarantee that the entire holiday experience in any part of world, from start to finish is an entirely positive one.

Trust Signature Classic! to deliver the trip of a lifetime. Our knowledge, experience and passion is, after all, why we’re now the leading name in UAE.

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